"The unique movement which is made possible by daily use of the sulam, can be applied to treat a large number of causes of permanent suffering in our lives and restore emotional stability to a state of tranquility of the body and mind "

Sulam Yaakov supports movement of energetically or physically blocked areas in the body,
Helping to alleviate discomfort,

Develop endurance and awareness of the body's mobility,
And to lengthen and deepen breathing ranges, known to contribute to the relief of chronic pain

Leading to 
A Better Life

נשימה ומדיטציה סולם יעקב

Conditions in which Jacob's Ladder can help

   Healthy people who want to maintain and expand their good health

   Support the process of weight loss

   Back pain conditions (disc herniation, sciatica, scoliosis)

   Attention deficit disorder (adults and children)

   Muscle stiffness and inflexibility

In addition, you can use the Sulam to:

   Contribute to the lenghthening and strengthening of every muscle in your body

   Relieve pain and discomfort in the neck, shoulders and especially the back

   Improve static and motor stability (mind-body coordination)

   Stabilize the nervous system, reduce and balance blood pressure

            And in fact, relieve and cure almost any chronic pain in your body

The ladder helps to improve the quality of life at all levels of the body's defense systems,
( blood, lymphatic, and endocrine systems)

גמישות שרירים סולם יעקב

"Life itself is difficult,
But I'm fine, I learned to be flexible "

Yogic proverb