"The muscles of the body, the structure of the skeleton, the internal organs, mental and motor function
All benefit from the use of the Jacob's Ladder, just like any other practice that requires
Attention, concentration and endurance "

Using the ladder will take you to a new level of understanding and applying the poses you already know,

The unique design will add a new variety to the movements and poses you have already experienced and will add a whole new dimensions to them

With options that exist only in an anti gravity state

So if you already have knowledge of movement and self, you'll be glad to know that with the sulam, you can:

   Preserve and perfect yoga and pilates asanas

   Hold positions for longer with less effort

   Ease discomfort

   Adopt a correct breathing pattern

   Increase the vitality of the movement through continuous use of the core

       and most importantly - You will simply enjoy the aesthetics of the movements you know and practice already

סולם יעקב

If you've never done yoga or pilates

With the help of the sulam, the training videos and guide book offered to youin the kit you can learn how to make movements correctly,
How to get into the positions easily and how to breathe correctly during the activity.
All of this can be practiced at any time and place you choose
The application of the Yogic methods will contribute to the process of increasing physical and mental functioning,
Accelerating recovery from various pains and injuries and opening up a new world of possibilities to experience your being

                                          Yoga means now you are ready"
                                                   "not to move into the future


סולם יעקב