Jacob Vardan Elig
Helps in personal growth processes
Senior shiatsu therapist, Osho meditation instructor
Inventor of the "Jacob Ladder" method, which focuses on consciousness in the movement

"My vision is to bring this healing to the public domain and to show that the path to physical well-being that brings mental well-being can also be enjoyable and full of creativity and joy of existence"

My 'story'

I grew up with parents and an entire family of doctors, and of course I also advocated the continuation of the tradition of care and giving that I was raised,
At the age of 20, during my medical studies, I experienced a first herniated disc - that affected not only my body but also my soul.
For years I have been dealing with the endless pain, looking for what will cure it, but without long-term success.

I added to my life resume law and economics studies, market trading, naturopathic shiatsu and Chinese medicine
Who contributed a great deal to the recognition of the 'stressed' and strange world we live in, but knowing is not the application ... sometimes it is the more stressful factor - to know your sickness in theory..
At the age of 27, I experienced the second herniated disc, which was at least twice as hard as the memory of the first .

In short, I gave up this painful and unjust life (did you hear about the barefoot shoemaker?)
After a long path and a lot of self-inquiry, I found a conscious cure in "Ashram Bamidbar" that gave me new hope to do What I was born for (healing for all!), Yet I continued to search for what would keep me alive and meet my needs - movement and daily release.- - -
- -.

From here it was already easy to know what was right for me, but the application of dynamic meditations in the 'big city' was almost impossible,
And the pain and the restlessness began to return to my life. And so began the quest for my daily quietness, amidst the noise of everyday life.
The result is in front of you - a perfect and effective tool for exploring the body's range of motion. The kind you grow up on,
And that contains you in every lesson of yourself, every situation, whenever you choose

Step by step I went up to my new creation of reality and wellness and started a new life with the help of Jacob's ladder

Meditation, awareness and movement ..
The daily use of the ladder allowed my body and mind to believe that it was possible to fly, to be flexible and to connect,
New connections have been created in my mind, those that have created a reality in which I am more flexible and conscious in my whole being
I was back to being a child, of life 🙂

"My vision is to bring the healing for the lives of all who see in their bodies sanctifies And are willing to make for themselves the choice which will bring them to the level of physical and mental well-being Every step of the way ... "

                                          Jacob V. Elig