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Sulam Yaakov

"סולם יעקב, הינו מכשיר רב תכליתי, רב שימושי ורב מימדי המאפשר לגוף שלכם לנוע בחופשיות שלא הכרתם עדיין..

The free movement in the air and the ladders support, creates a feeling of floating and balancing and adds new dimensions to the physical training and a desire to delve into infinite possibilities that the ladder provides "..

Attention: the use is highly addictive :)

Jacob's Ladder (or Sulam Yaakov) serves as a support tool

For anyone, whoever you may be

(Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and especially for people suffering from pain due to lack of movement)

Use of the sulam builds physical and mental balance while enjoying the experience of flying -all of this at your own pace, for your own pleasure- one step at a time

איך נולד ערסל סולם יעקב?


Today we see many techniques that aim to integrate the spiritual world and the material world,

athletics, yoga, dance, meditations and many other wonderful tools for building a holistic balance in a stressful western world.

'Sulam-Yaakov' (Jacob's Ladder in Hebrew) was born out of these tools and serves as a support tool for any person (suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, and especially for people suffering from pain due to lack of movement).

Use of the Ladder builds mental and physical balance while experiencing a sense of floating -all at your pace, for your pleasure- one step at a time 🙂

בואו לקרוא עלינו בפייסבוק

Health benefits of 'Jacob's Ladder'

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Are you ready to start flying?

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√ Recommended for beginners 
√ Parachute fabric hammock 
√ 6 handles with support pads
√ Daisy chains 
√ Backpack for carrying
√ Guidebook and instructional videos
√ Lifetime phone support

√ Recommended for children and travelers 
√ Parachute fabric hammock 
√ 6 handles 
√ Daisy chains 
√ Backpack for carrying
√ Guidebook and instructional videos
√ Lifetime phone support

ערכת סולם יעקב
ערכת סולם יעקב
דגמי סולם יעקב 2017

יצירה ישראלית

The sulam is a unique 'therapeutic hammock'
which was designed from the world of yoga and physiotherapy.
All of our products meet international standards,
comes with instructions for use and installation in english,
packaged in Israel - and manufactured specifically for the company.

יוגה לילדים

    positive review  I want to recommend from the point of view of children. My son is 6 years old. Friends who come to him are enthusiastic and even my two and a half year old daughter makes a reversal. Now, in the first grade, he had to make a lecture on a special object and chose the ladder of Jacob. The kids were enthusiastic and asked questions strongly recommend! Regardless, Yaakov is an amazing person!

    Amir Ambarchi Avatar Amir Ambarchi
    9 בNovember 2018

    5 star review  המצאה טיפולית-רפואית-ספורטיבית-סתלבטית מופלאה. מוצר מוצלח ומוקפד וההדרכה של יעקב מלאה באהבה ואכפתיות. מרגש

    Zohar Zemach Wilson Avatar Zohar Zemach Wilson
    7 בFebruary 2018

Jacob's Ladder for Children

"Children are the best guides to see how simple it is to use the sulam"

Just give them the chance, and they'll show you how to fly in the air ..

Childhood is the best example of the endless burning vitality and strong core,
For kids the ladder is the ultimate game - infinite possibilities in flight mode!

So if you want to provide your child a healthy lifestyle starting in their youth, and nurture them with an effective tool for self-care, stress relief and the building of true trust in the coordination of movement and thought, Jacob's ladder will meet all these needs and even more ..


More good reasons why Jacob's ladder is a must in every home .. :)

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Videos explaining the differences between the models (in Hebrew) :

    5 star review  מוצר מעולהה!! ממליצה בחום! קניתי מתנה לאחיין שלי ההיפראקטיבי..:) קובי איש מתוק ומלא קסם בא עד אלינו והדריך על השימוש, תודה קובי! אין כמוך!

    Orit Or Landsman Avatar Orit Or Landsman
    19 בJuly 2017

    5 star review  קובי הוא איש מדהים! והסולם זה פיתוח גאוני! וכשלוקחים איש ומדהים ורעיון גאוני מקבלים מוצר מושלם לפיתוח מיומנויות אישיות של גוף ונפש ושירות מדהים עד הבית והדרכה מרתקת. קובי תודה אתה ענק!

    Dvir Gute Ben Zvi Avatar Dvir Gute Ben Zvi
    4 בDecember 2017