"Going up the ladder is going to challenge you -
, and the way to maintain the right balance is a strong, flexible core-

With the sulam you can perform both complex and simple exercises and improve overall physical fitness
While working on all body muscles and fitness components, such as Spatial power,
Muscular endurance, 
Equilibrium, Coordination, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility
Just like any resistance training with straps,

Only more sophisticated!

ערסל יוגה

Core - This area of the body that keeps us honest, alive and kicking

Strengthening the core muscles means Also strengthening the back, and when the spine is stable and healthy
There is a better flow of energy, And hence also the feeling of freshness you feel at the end of each workout

The virtues of having a strong and healthy core are known to be most necessary in many aspects of our lives,
                            according to many methods and from experience in life :) -

סולם יעקב

Never been engaged in core strengthening exercises?

With the help of the sulam, the training videos and guide book offered to youin the kit you can learn how to make movements correctly,
How to get into the positions easily and how to breathe correctly during the activity.

All of this can be practiced at any time and place you choose

""geting over" somthing- Means transcendence
from the oppressive urge in you,
And this is precisely the goal of strengthening the core -
-Preserving the creator instinct "

jacob v.