Physio-therapy - therapy by movement

"Healing processes in the human body are designed to correct defects or come in order to address the damage caused by diseases or other pathological processes, physiotherapy helps the natural healing process and encourages its development in the desired directions"

Using Jacob's ladder as a tool for stimulation of movement and reinforcement of entire regions of the body
Is what makes it all so versatile,
With the help of the ladder, muscles and joints can be manipulated almost anywhere in the body,
Just select the path of motion you want to create with gravity, and start moving


נשימה ומדיטציה סולם יעקב

All that is left is to learn to listen to your body, and to receive all the benefits of movement therapy,
Anywhere and anytime


Meditation - the art of being

Most of us imagine meditation as a passive sitting process in which we connect to ourselves,
But this is just one aspect of a practice in which we wish for that heightened and relaxed state of mind,
In the Western world, dynamic meditations are the most appropriate choice for the environment in which we run from place to place
And are more concerned with what was and how it will be.

Never tryed healing movement?

With the help of the sulam, the training videos and guide book offered to youin the kit you can learn how to make movements correctly,
How to get into the positions easily and how to breathe correctly during the activity.
All of this can be practiced at any time and place you choose
Application of the methods will contribute to the process of increasing physical and mental functioning,
Accelerating recovery from various pains and injuries and opening up a new world of possibilities to experience your being

During the use of the ladder you will be able to anchor your awareness into the present moment,
And learn to stretch and flex your mind with your body

סולם יעקב

"Health is the biggest gift.
It is wealth and satisfaction "

Gotham Buddha