With the help of Sulam Yaakov the inversion can be performed easily and without difficulty, at any age or level of flexibility-
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פיזיותרפיה לגב סולם יעקב

Before back surgeries and taking pain-relief medication became the default
Inversion treatment was the choice of both doctors and sufferers
Because in technique the user is given control over the amount of pressure and tension exerted -
While expanding the back and releasing pressure between the vertebrae of the spine- -

Through the inversion muscles and ligaments can be strengthened and reloaded
Which is essential for spinal health

Back pain, herniated disc, sciatica, scoliosis etc..

As part of the technological advance, our neutral environment has become more mechanized and computerized,
We locked ourselves behind tables and in front of a computer. When we sit, our back muscles hold us upright-
But the abdominal and thigh muscles are inactive and as a result, become weaker,
Which makes the back muscles weaker in the long run.
And so the back problems begin ..

-Our back consists mostly of muscles that are layered one on top of the other and have important functions
These muscles are used for ,Three basic functions:

  • Support
  • Movement
  • Control of posture

We need a strong back, abdomin, and thigh muscles to resist gravity and carry us through life.
If these muscles are stiff or too loose, nerve pressure is created which causes back pain,
and spine problems.

The solution? Inversion treatment!

Through the process of inversion you can release pressure in the intervertebral spaces
Allowing a better flow of energy and oxygen to the tissues around the spine

Common questions

On the contrary, and with the help of the Jacob's Ladder it is also simpler and easier than ever!
In the process of inversion there is an increase in blood flow and removal of toxins from our body,
Intervertebral spacing contributes to improved blood flow throughout the spine
Which contributes greatly to all systems in the body.
For more articles on the subject : Canadian Chiropractic JournalHealth magazine

The average time for an effective inversion is about 7 minutes,
when beginning to work with inversions, start with less than a minute and work your way up as you get familiar with the experience.

People with severe high blood pressure, glaucoma, osteoporosis, intense acute pain, and pregnant women.

The recommended height for hanging the sulam is about 2 meters,
Leaving the head about 15 cm above the floor, enough room to move safely.

פיזיותרפיה לגב סולם יעקב

" The world is wrong side up.
 It needs to be turned upside down
                  in order to be right side up "

Billy Sunday