The use of the ladder as a support tool for all levels of fitness, and for all ages
is what makes it mandatory in every home

The sulam comes with a training brochure (english or hebrew) for all the base postures

And dozens of instructional videos

Examples of training videos and guidelines for proper practice:

  1. The ladder must be hung safley and in a balanced way for maximum security and comfort

  2. Deep, slow breathing, circular movements and awareness, there is no hurry -- - -

  3. You should watch the videos before climbing the ladder and apply only the poses that are comfortable for you. Stability, perseverance and fun are the name of the game here -- -

  4. The poses offered in the videos are faster than desired in the average training, and are for presentation of the product and its versatility, do not hesitate To stop, go back and see againBoth in the video and in the practice itself 

  5. Try to stay in any position for as long as you like, explore it and of course add your presence to the practice with more ideas that come up --

  6. For more information and inquiries, please contact us,
    We are also human beings :)

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