The use of the ladder as a support tool for all levels of fitness, and for all ages
is what makes it mandatory in every home

The sulam comes with a training brochure (english or hebrew) for all the base postures

And dozens of training and guidance videos that come with the kit!

Examples of training videos and guidelines for proper practice:

"The successful person, unlike the poet, becomes such, and not born like that"

                                                                                                                      John Wennamaker

    5 star review  המצאה טיפולית-רפואית-ספורטיבית-סתלבטית מופלאה. מוצר מוצלח ומוקפד וההדרכה של יעקב מלאה באהבה ואכפתיות. מרגש

    thumb Zohar Zemach Wilson

    positive review  I want to recommend from the point of view of children. My son is 6 years old. Friends who come to him are enthusiastic and even my two and a half year old daughter makes a reversal. Now, in the first grade, he had to make a lecture on a special object and chose the ladder of Jacob. The kids were enthusiastic and asked questions strongly recommend! Regardless, Yaakov is an amazing person!

    thumb Amir Ambarchi